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1/4 DIN (3.62 x 3.62 in = 92 x 92 mm)










CN616TC1, TC2, TC1-P, TC2-P


 Six Zone Thermocouple Temperature Controller

with Hi or Lo or Hi/Lo or no alarm

and PID or On/Off control, heating or cooling

and Ramp and Soak 20 segments for each zone

CN616TC1   $676.00 CN616TC1-P    $720.00



The CN616 Series is a microprocessor based

temperature controller, which accepts signals from

thermocouples. Six zones are sequentially scanned

at 15 readings per second [@ 60 Hz] and displayed

with  a selectable display rate of 1 to 40 seconds

each zone. A single output relay is provided to

indicate an alarm  condition on any one zone.

The  faceplate has been arranged to call attention to

an alarm condition by flashing the main temperature

display and indicating the zone in alarm with a flashing

 zone number display. The CN616 Series implements

 a security password to protect all functions


Six PID time proportional or on/off outputs  are

provided to control six zones.


In the CN616TC1internal 5V DC is used to drive SSR's

if more power is needed external 5 to 40V DC can be used


In the CN616TC1-P  internal Triacs control power output

so there is no need  for the SSR's in low power applications.


 Available for purchase on line: CN616


No of zones                             Six

Input Range: Standard           0 - 40 mV

Input Range: Extended          0 - 75 mV

Accuracy               ±0.2% of Range ± 2 deg C

Resolution                              5 uV

Thermocouple [selectable]    B,C,E,J,K,R,S,T

Scale [selectable]                   C or F

PID                                          Autotune or Manual

Password protection                              Yes

Profiling [ramp and soak]      20 segments each zone

Alarms [selectable]                Hi or Lo or Hi/Lo or no alarm

Alarm type                              Latching or Non Latching

Alarm output                          Single Relay 5 amp at 120VAC

Alarm reset                             Manual

Zone display [selectable]       1 to 40 seconds or hold any zone

Alarm display                         Flashing display and zone

Communication                                  RS232

Communication software       Visual Basic [Windows]

Terminals                               Headers for plug in wiring

Line Power                             120/240 VAC

Power consumption                20 VA Max

Output consumption               10 Amp Max

Enclosure                                1/4 DIN Aluminum Box

Enclosure                                Splash Proof Face

 Max Voltage between inputs            6V VDC or RMS



Control outputs                    6 [one per loop]

Output rating :- 

              Internal power      5V  DC  10 Ma max

              External power     5 to 40V DC  0.5 Amp



Control output                              6  [one each zone]

Output rating  [Total]       2.4 Kilo Watt at 240 VAC

Output rating  [Total]       1.2 Kilo Watt at 120 VAC





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