Evil twins and Dolly the clone. - What does that have to do with Automation and IIoT?

Automation and IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things) - What does that have to do with evil twins and cloning?  Everything.  Virtual twins of control systems seem to be everywhere in the clouds these days.  Sometimes it seems as though the clouds are so full of control systems that they are raining IIoT twins.  No longer are your control systems directly controlled by software but they are maintained in state by virtual twins.  What happens when a twin is corrupted?  That is where one problem can occur.  The IIoT device corrects itself to the state of the (evil) virtual twin periodically.  Perhaps it is time for a virtual twin clone(Dolly to the rescue.)  What if there were a virtual twin clone at the device side IIoT and a virtual twin at the cloud server side of things?  If there is a cloned twin in the middle it may be harder for state corruption to propagate to the device.  Each twin must follow a protocol to convince the other twin that it's state is correct or the change in state will be disregarded.  The cloud side twin is commanded to change.  The change must be propagated to the device twin.  If they disagree the change must be disregarded.  The disregarded transaction could be repeated a fixed number of times to attempt to ensure the state change.  Having a device side cloned virtual twin could solve some validation issues on state change of the device(perhaps the cloned virtual twin could be hosted on the IIoT device itself).  Then again having too many IIoT twins talking constantly in the clouds could just gum up communication networks.(Maybe not such a great idea after all.)

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