Analog Temperature Monitors - (CN601, CN602) Avoid IOT & Digital Problems/Headaches With These Analog(mostly) Meters

 Analog Temperature Monitors - (CN601, CN602) Avoid IOT & Digital Problems/Headaches With These Analog(mostly) Meters 

The CN601(High Temperature Alarm) 6 Zone Temperature Monitor and the CN602(Low Temperature Alarm) 6 Zone Temperature Monitor are field proven(15+ years) and reliable Temperature Monitors used worldwide for a variety of engineering and industrial applications.

With the current market's rush to connect all things to the internet and make all devices programmable/update-able/monitor-able through the internet one has to wonder if there is a place in the marketplace for an Analog Temperature Monitor. 

After all,

IOT(Internet of Things) Devices Can Be:

  1. Monitored remotely online
  2. Programmed/reprogrammed online
  3. Updated by reprogramming the firmware remotely

Programmable(with microprocessors and memory chips) Devices Can Be:

  1. Programmed/reprogrammed
  2. Updated by reprogramming the firmware

These are extremely valuable properties when implemented correctly and used correctly by end users.  They are bringing us into a brighter and ultimately safer future with extended control and monitoring capabilities.

But, there is a space in the marketplace for Analog Temperature Monitors.

Analog Temperature Monitoring Devices(CN601/CN602) Are:

  1. Not capable of internet connections
  2. Not capable of connecting to external networks or buses
  3. Not re-programmable/reconfigurable - they are hard wired as 1 type of Thermocouple or RTD sensor and 1 Temperature Range and have no memory IC's to corrupt
  4. The user must be physically present to Set Temperature Setpoints/Reset Alarms/Calibrate the Unit 

Analog Temperature Monitoring Devices(CN601/CN602) are hard wired to 1 sensor TYPE and 1 RANGE and CANNOT be reconfigured(example: CN601 Sensor: Thermocouple, Type: J, Range: 0-250, Degrees: C).

Setup is simple; the Temperature Alarm Setpoints are set with a potentiometer under each Zone.

If you are looking for simple and reliable the CN601(High Temperature/Overheat Alarm) 6 Zone Temperature Monitor or the CN602(Low Temperature/Underheat Alarm) 6 Zone Temperature Monitor is an excellent choice.

(By the way how long have you owned a digital device with a programmable chip or microprocessor in it(like a computer or smartphone/tablet) before you had to update it or get a new one?(was it 5 years or less) some Analog Monitors on the market have been in the field for over 10 years)  

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